For better deer and better soil. Trophy Radishes™

Trophy Radishes™ are a brand new forage crop choice for deer. It is a member of the brassica (turnip/mustard) family and quite possibly the most versatile of all the brassicas for deer managers. Research has shown the winter mature greens to contain 20% protein with the large taproots containing 23% protein. The large taproot, up to 18 inches long, also breaks up soil compaction that is so common in deer food plots while also bringing up minerals from deep in the soil to the surface. Once the plant dies in winter, it rapidly decomposes leaving behind tons of organic matter as well as valuable nutrients for follow-up or companion crops. There are many time, monetary and environmental advantages to growing Trophy Radishes™ for managed deer plots.

Kent Kammermeyer graduated with a B.S. degree in wildlife management from University of Connecticut in 1972 and received an M.S. in wildlife biology from University of Georgia in 1975. Kent began a 30-year career with Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division in 1976, most of it as a Senior Wildlife Biologist. He was designated Certified Wildlife Biologist in 1979.

He compiled, analyzed and modeled deer harvest data for 59 WMAs in Georgia. For over 25 years, he was Chairman of the State Deer Committee. Kent has published over 50 scientific articles and over 350 popular articles mostly on deer. In 2000, he received the Southeastern Director’s “Wildlife Biologist of the Year” award, being the first ever recipient from Georgia. In 2005, he was awarded the “Deer Management Career Achievement Award” for Outstanding Contributions to White-tailed Deer Management in the Southeastern U.S. He is Senior Editor and major author of the 2006 Quality Food Plots book published by QDMA.

He is currently a wildlife consultant with over 45 clients in the Southeast. He resides in Clermont, GA with his wife and daughter.

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Tommy Hunter is a Civil Engineer and Real Estate Broker. Tommy grew up in rural Hall County, GA and spent summers growing vegetables in the family garden, bird watching, and planting trees. He began deer hunting at the age of 13 in east-central Georgia’s Greene County. Tommy built his first food plot for deer in 1986 after relocating his hunting locations to Morgan County, GA.

His love for growing things inspired him to learn more about producing managed plots for deer and drove him to spend as much time as possible researching what was best for his area. Through trial-and-error, Tommy learned the types of forage deer preferred, and by experimenting with these different forages from middle Georgia’s sandy Coastal Plain to the red clays of north Georgia, what grew best and where.

Tommy now owns, and manages a 250 acre deer haven in northeast Georgia’s Madison County. Here he tests new forages for various producers reporting on deer preference and grazing tolerance. Tommy has contributed to several articles concerning forages for deer as well as two books on deer and habitat management. He is currently a civil engineer, working as a project manager, for a metro Atlanta infrasturcture construction firm. He resides in Buford, GA with his wife and two children.