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droptine06 from Woodstock, GA
"We planted 5 acres this year. They absolutely exploded with the right soil/fertilizer and ridiculous rainfall we had. This was our first year planting them so the deer initially were slow to turn onto them. Leaves averaged 12-16in in length, 10 plus leaves per plant and produced a ton of forage. Around late Nov. the deer began to nip at them and towards the end of Dec. - through Feb. they absolutely destroyed them! They have pulled the big roots up and eaten them as well. I am very pleased because they have carried the deer all the way through March and there is still a ton of sign in the plots."

"By the way, I have taken 2 does while eating them and the wheat this year and another member shot a 200+llb 8 point last weekend following a doe out into the plot."

"There's more than just the benefit of a forage/food supply with the Trophy Radishes. These radishes can grow a long root helping break up the lower hard pan and pulling nutrients from below up to the surface when plowed under."

jkoch from Hogansville, GA
"It sounds like you just told my story. Now every one in our club will be planting them this year. GREAT STUFF."

"That would be TR, the good news is when the deer eat them down they start new growth. They are starting to really hit mine hard."

LHCLLLC from South Georgia
"Planted several acres and the deer absolutely hammered them. Then had turkeys pulling up leaves in December and eating them. Anyway, the deer stayed in ours all year from mid-October through last week when we were up burning, still plenty of sign. We will definitely be planting as much if not more next year."

brownceluse from Bethleham, GA
"My uncle planted them and the deer slayed them! He had about 5 acres worth!"

Boneskull from Mid GA
"They absolutely hammered ours. Will plant more this fall."

SAhunter from Henry Co.
"Ditto boys! Deer killing them on my farm! They add a lot of nutrients to the soil when they rot (I was told by a biologist)."

"I watched 8 different deer eating in our radish plot last evening. They walked past other choices to get to the radishes."

Core Lokt
"The deer are absolutely wearing them out. The tops are eaten down from 10" to about 2"."

Hyper Sniper
"Now that it will get cooler, and the diminishing natural food sources, they are really starting to come to them now. I have had deer every day in them for the last week."

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Trey Brunson from Telfair County, GA
"Here are a couple of food plots we planted on 4.8 to 5.2ph ground this year. We limed the fool out of them and fertilized per the soil sample knowing we were not getting the PH up quickly but wanted to give these plots every chance to make a good stand. I would say we did okay? What do you think? These were planted the 1st week of October. The plot with the row in it is 7 acres (you can only see about 5) on the left is WW/Trophy Oats/Crimson/AWP/Yucci on the right is Sweet Spot with 15Lbs Trophy Radishes mixed in on 3 acres. At first of the season they were on the left side, now they are hammering the SS and TR side. I mean 10 times the deer sign and activity. Last night a friend of mine missed a 150" 10/12 point on the right side of this food plot. He ran a 4 point, doe and fawn out of the food plot and started eating!

The other food plot with the brush pile in the middle is WW/Oats/Crimson/AWP/Yucci and your Trophy Radishes. This plot is only about 500 yards from the other one but the deer are hammering it too. My 8 year old passed a small 8 chasing a week ago and he and I saw a huge 7 this past Saturday night that I would hope he would have shot chasing behind the stand but couldn't get a shot on him. We typically see 12-15 deer in this plot on any evening sit. There is a 150 acre soybean field not 1/4 mile from this plot and they are not going to harvest due to the poor production but you can imagine how many beans are there and still deer are all over this plot before moving to that 150 acre field. I will be back up the week of Thanksgiving with the family and I will send you some pictures of the TR and some close ups. They (TR) are already 8" long, actually don't taste bad either. I have some other spots with Oats/WW and TR in them too. I will shoot you some pictures of those too and one 1/2 acre bow plot I did that your TR's look like something out of a magazine. I mean sick looking. You are going to love that one.

Hope your season is going well!
Thanks for all your help.